Results of multiple studies show that having an attitude of gratitude benefits us in multiple ways, including our physical and emotional health, social status, relationships and careers. Among the potential gains are deeper friendships; stronger spousal relationships; improved sleep; a heightened likeliness to exercise regularly; better stress management and resilience; energy, self-esteem and productivity boosts; a healthier and more youthful look; and better chances of career success.

For couples, especially women, showing gratitude and appreciation to your spouse is critical for a happy, healthy and enduring marriage. (before marriage and after) Show your husband or wife how thankful you are to have him or her in your life:

Sometime we get so comfortable with a person, we forget the tiny things. It could be doing laundry, making plane reservations, always being there when they need you, listening.

Here are some ideas for your spouse:

1. Begin each morning and end each day with a hug, a kiss and an “I love you.”
2. When your spouse comes home, stop what you’re doing, greet him or her, ask how their day was and listen.
3. Make a point to look your spouse in the eye and say “thank you” when he or she does something for you – even simple actions like passing the salt. DO NOT look at your phone while your spouse is talking to you. That just says I am not interested in you, I care more about what I am doing.
4. Create a gratitude journal and daily jot down reasons you’re grateful for your spouse. This can be something kept private to help keep you on a mindful track, or a joint project that involves the two of you participating.
5. Sneak unexpected love notes or small gifts into your spouse’s purse, briefcase, lunch bag, etc. DO NOT just buy your spouse gifts on holidays…men, LOL give her small tokens of appreciation and watch what happens.
6. Praise – never criticize – but back it by your actions. Do not sit there and tell your spouse, I believe in you,  you got this, the world needs you, you are going to change lives… and then turn around and say they are annoying or complain about them.  Its not what you say but HOW you say it. This is very demeaning and not nice.

(Also Be aware if your spouse is going through a hard time. Illness, death in the family, etc. They might not be acting like “who they really are”)

Not picking on the guys here.. but Sometime men accuse women of being controlling and not giving them their privacy, but women on the other hand think we are being loving and caring. Its all about perception. Both parties cannot read each others minds.

I have been accused of things I haven’t done. I thought I was being loving, caring and helping. Would do anything for that person, my twin, but they perceived it differently. Remember Tomorrow is not promised. The moments that you are angry or upset, those are moments you can never get back.

7. Make an effort to learn about or participate in your spouse’s favorite hobby or interest, even if it’s not something you’re crazy about personally.
8. Plan and keep a regular date night complete with hand-holding, lively conversation and lots of laughter. Do not work 24/7 because one day you will regret it. Your spouse will get bitter, resentful and tired of it. You need to have balance in your life.

9. Make decisions together, learning to hear your spouse out when you disagree, and to compromise for the good of your relationship, marriage and family.

Have You shown your spouse Appreciation ? or do you uplift them yet complain about them? You cannot be grateful and complain at the same time. It does not work. If you have had a falling out remember tomorrow is not promised. If you are angry, talk it through, get the whole story before sitting there fuming. Remember your perception might not be the reality.